-   T a k i n g   N o t e s ,   P e t e r   a n d   J o h n   M a r k  -

Acrylic on Canvas -- 36 x 18 inches
(c) 2014 by Craig Erickson - Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited

John Mark was Peter's right hand man: his attendant and writer. Tradition holds that it was John Mark
who took down Peter's account of the life of Christ, and it was that account that became the Gospel of Mark.

Mark was a man who appreciated second chances. It was he who left Paul's missionary journey,
falling into disgrace with the apostle. He bypassed Antioch and went straight to Jerusalem,
where Peter took him under his wing and mentored him. Years later, it was Paul who asked for Mark to come
visit him in prison because he had become a comfort and faithful friend.