-  J   o   h   n        O   n        P   a   t   m   o   s  -

Acrylic on Canvas -- 24 x 18 inches
(c) 2013 by Craig Erickson - Unauthorized Reproduction Prohibited

When John wrote the book of Revelation, he was an old man, perhaps in his eighties. Gone was the strapping
young man nicknamed "Son of Thunder." Long past were the days when he dreamed of glory, when
he and his brother begged Jesus to sit by His side in the kingdom.  He came to see his savior live as a servant
to the point of giving His life. He saw Him risen and heard the promise that He would return. John served faithfully,
becoming in turn a servant. He saw the other disciples die as martyrs. He was the last.

John proclaimed the name of Christ despite Rome's threats, until he was exiled to the island of Patmos,
where he was given the vision of Christ's return and the summation of history. The book was
most likely written around AD 95.

The background on this painting is the actual isle of Patmos, from the place where tradition says John
received his vision. I imagine he may have returned to that place from time to time to ponder the things
he had seen.

The painting is constructed of layers of translucent glaze. The sky contains over 18 layers. The face and hands
of John contain over 25 layers. Below are detail images.